5 Fictional Characters Who Suit Up Well

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We all have our favourite characters whom we love watching on screen. Whether it’s the attitude of the character they play, their sheer talent or perhaps the way they dress. Whatever the reason may be, there is something sexy about seeing your male TV idol in a suit. Be it McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy – who all the girls fancy, or Roger Sterling from Mad Men – who has a wardrobe that any man would die for. Here are five fictional suit-wearing characters that are enviably sartorially savvy.

1. Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother
“Suit Up!” Barney Stinson’s favourite words in the entire series added to the character’s sex appeal. He took his suits very seriously and wore them in all the 208 episodes of 9 seasons. Barney had his own tailor who designed bespoke suits for him, all of which were a contemporary, slim cut with a classic notch lapel.;

2. Harvey Specter in Suits

Harvey Specter, played by Gabriel Macht, is renowned for wearing the best suits, drinking the best scotch and having the best one-liners anywhere on the small screen. One of his most popular one-liners being “People respond to how we’re dressed, so like it or not this is what you have to do.” Specter wears his suits like armour. He is known for his single-breasted, made-to-measure suits with wide peak lapels, big-collared shirts, and Windsor-knotted power ties.

3. Donald Draper in Mad Men
Another character defining the rules of power dressing – but this time in the 1960s- isDon Draper of Mad Men. Draper kept it simple with the classic American cut suit. He wore a single-breasted, slim-cut two-piece which was well suited to the slim, powerful figure of Jon Hamm. The suit was always accompanied with a crisp white shirt and skinny tie. This helped to accentuate his height, making him look more dominant and more imposing. He stays away from overstated patterns and vibrant colors, keeping it neutral, simple and sophisticated for an effortless style that said he meant business.

4. Ari Gold in Entourage

Abrasive, loud, rude and perpetually operating on the edge of mania, Ari Gold, played by Jeremy Piven, was the intimidating Hollywood super-agent on HBO’s Entourage. Bringing a European flair to an American man’s wardrobe, Ari Gold’s custom-made suits also spoke the language of power and confidence. Gold was all about pinstripes, big lapels and the attitude that goes with them.

5. Neal Caffrey in White Collar
Charming, sophisticated and one of the world’s greatest con artists, Neal plays the role of an elusive White Collar artist. Narrow lapels, two-button, single-breasted jackets, minimal trouser break and dual vents in jackets are crucial aspects of all of Caffrey’s classy style.

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Honorable mention: Sam “Ace” Rothstein from the Casino movie, played by Robert de Niro. A stunningly stylish character in a flawless suit. This character is impeccably beautiful, especially in a casino setting. A perfect face of Visa casinos nowadays, a perfect face of Las Vegas casino back in 1995.

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