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Tailored Shirts in Melbourne for Men & Women

You can never have too many crisp, white shirts. They look simple, yet elegant. You can choose the shape and “collar-spread” – the width of the front points from collar tip to tip and the shape of these tips, either pointy and angular or subtly rounded edges. If you have cufflinks you’d like to dust off and wear with your French cuffs or if you prefer a less fussy but just as sublime single or double, even triple button down cuffs, your shirts will again fit you perfectly. Then there’s the choice fabrics, in particular the weaves from poplins, twills, oxfords, end on end, dobbies and herringbones in all widths and fabric weights just to name just a few. The fabrics we use are also 100% cotton which are breathable and feel great on the skin. By the way, this all comes together very nicely when your chosen shirt fits you as you’d like and that’s the magic of bespoke.

What is the difference between a more formal shirt and casual shirt? Simply it’s how you wear it, plus a few other details. A perfectly fitted bespoke shirt with a necktie or tie yourself bow tie (there is on other option), looks crisp, fresh and elegant. Undo the first 2 buttons of the same shirt, roll up the sleeves and you’re weekend’s come early. Changing out a few details, such as chest pocket & softer feeling collar makes it even more casual. How about the fabric itself, like a bold multi coloured or subtle check, maybe a chambray stripe, or yardage printed cotton. Or even a slinky cool to touch linen with its slub, textured luxury. By using the same custom fitting – they’ll all look terrific.

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