An Introduction to Suit Fabrics

Suits are often the smart dressing option for men. Be it business or pleasure; a suit always gives a distinctive edge that makes a man look and feel desirable. However, there are several criteria to consider before investing in the appropriate suit. The garment needs to serve the purpose, the wearer's personality and the occasion.

How to Match Your Suit with the Right Shoes?

When it comes to suiting, the accessories are almost as important as the suit itself. While more  importance is given to ties and belts, the foundation of your sartorial look is laid through shoes. The wrong pair can blemish your carefully created attire. Therefore, it is essential to evaluate your options carefully and choose the shoes that pair perfectly with your suit and the occasion.


Your Guide to the Ultimate Men’s Minimalist Wardrobe

Minimalism as a concept in interior design is associated with sophistication. However, when it comes to clothing, minimalism essentially means getting rid of all the unnecessary items to leave you with a clean wardrobe of clothing items that are highly versatile.The idea is to buy fewer items of clothing that can be appropriately worn on a casual day-to-day basis as well as on an evening out on the town. The key is quality rather than quantity. You need pieces that will last for a long time which are also easy to mix and match. Generally, you’d want to keep the majority of your wardrobe in neutral colours.

Below is a guide on what to look out for to achieve a minimalist wardrobe


Men’s Suit Trends 2021

Just like every other fashion accessory, trends in suiting keep evolving. With 2020 being the year of working from home, and that continuing through to 2021 for some, this year’s trends incorporate more comfortable and casual ensembles.


Men’s Neckties: The Ultimate Guide

When it comes to men’s suiting, ties play an important role. A suit without a tie can often look incomplete. Nonetheless, any sartorial man should be aware that the traditional tie is not the only option on hand. There are a number of types of ties that can be sported by a man at different times.

Tips to Take Women’s Suiting to The Next Level

The world generally associates suits with men. While it has been traditionally so, times are changing. Just like people, fashion is becoming more acceptable and versatile. Today, women can carry off suits, sometimes even better than men. In fact, a suit set has now become an essential in every woman’s closet.

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