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Minimalism as a concept in interior design is associated with sophistication. However, when it comes to clothing, minimalism essentially means getting rid of all the unnecessary items to leave you with a clean wardrobe of clothing items that are highly versatile. The idea is to buy fewer items of clothing that can be appropriately worn on a casual day-to-day basis as well as on an evening out on the town. The key is quality rather than quantity. You need pieces that will last for a long time which are also easy to mix and match. Generally, you’d want to keep the majority of your wardrobe in neutral colors.

Below is a guide on what to look out for to achieve a minimalist wardrobe:



Below is a guide on what to look out for to achieve a minimalist wardrobe:



When it comes to buying bottoms that you can wear on a daily basis, it’s a no-brainer: denim jeans. Jeans can be worn with t-shirts, polos and dress-shirts. It is one of the most versatile items of clothing out there. If you’re only getting one pair, get one in a slim fit and dark wash, that way you can dress it up with a shirt and blazer if you need to.

Another pair of bottoms that is slightly more sophisticated than denims is chinos. Unlike denims, these have a looser fit that gives them a higher resemblance to formal pants. If you are going on a dinner date, work event or anywhere that requires a smart-casual dress code, a pair of beige, grey, forest green or navy chinos paired with shirts, casual tops and blazers can help you dress to the nines.

In summers, you may need to wear something a bit more relaxed. In such cases, a pair of tailored shorts, that ends a little above the knees, in neutral shades can ensure a beachy look or a smart casual summer look at workplaces that are not so strict on formal attire. If you are on a holiday, tailored swimsuit shorts farewell on the beach as well as in bars.


When it comes to casual tops, the most obvious choice is a t-shirt. Stick to plain t-shirts or ones with micro stripes and classic patterns as they are far more versatile than graphic t-shirts. For a semi-casual look, a polo shirt or a henley tee are a great choice. Oxford and linen shirts in checks, stripes or solid colours are great and can be dressed up or dressed down; pair them with a blazer and tailored pants to dress it up or with tailored shorts or jeans to dress it down. In the colder winter months, turtle next and knitted t-shirts can be dressed down or dressed up when paired with jeans or blazers respectively. A leather or deni jacket over a hoodie and jeans is another casual classic combination.

Tailored - Ensemble:

When it comes to men’s suiting, A Navy suit is a must-have in terms of versatility. It is not as formal as black or as casual as pastels. This ensemble can be paired with a diverse range of shirts and t-shirts. Therefore, it is perfect for a night on the town, a date, a semi-casual event, a formal event or a wedding. Another wardrobe staple for a slightly more sophisticated appearance is a medium grey suit. Like navy, it can be worn year-round and for most occasions (that require a suit), including work. If you’re someone who wears suits frequently, it is also worth investing in a light coloured or linen suit- one that can be used for daytime events and summer weddings. For extremely formal occasions, having a dinner suit in the mix is essential.

Dress shirts:

Unlike lightweight casual shirts, dress shirts are made using quality weaves and materials. A higher quality cotton weave or pinpoint oxford weave is the preferred choice. In terms of colour, neutrals, such as white and light grey and pastels, such as powder blue and light pink, are versatile selections. Dress shirts can be paired with ensembles or with chinos/ wool pants and blazers. These create the perfect look for dates, daytime weddings, cocktail parties, daily office attire or work functions.

Unstructured Blazers:

When you need to pull off a smart-casual or business-casual look, a suit may not always be ideal. In such situations, it is better to get hold of an unstructured blazer or sports jacket that has a more relaxed fit than a suit jacket. A blazer can be worn with casual tops as well as dress shirts depending on the look you want to pull off. The versatility of a blazer makers it an essential for every man’s wardrobe.

Wool Trousers (navy or gray):

A pair of tailored wool pants or cotton chinos are another wardrobe staple. Paired with a shirt and sports jacket, these pants can be a part of a business casual ensemble. Alternatively, when paired with a t-shirt or henley with or without the jacket, these can be used to create a smart casual look which is great for anything from date nights to after-work drinks.


Ties are what complete a formal ensemble. The best ties to go with are the ones that are darker in shade, which can be worn with lighter shirts. If you’re just getting one or two, make sure they complement the suits you have in your wardrobe. Stick to solid ties or ones with stripes or small patterns.


Outerwear is extremely important, especially for cold and rainy months. Something like an overcoat is a formal outerwear which was generally worn over suits. But today, overcoats can be worn over casual attire during colder months, Another winter staple that is on the casual end of the spectrum is a puffer jacket. For lighter winters, a denim jacket or leather jacket will suffice. These are both classic, long-lasting jackets that can be used year after year. Sweaters are another versatile winter option as these can be worn over t-shirts and dress shirts, as well as with suits and suits separates.


To complete your minimalist wardrobe, you need to top it off with the right pair of shoes. A pair of brown or tan oxfords pair well with both smart casual and dressier ensembles. With trends shifting towards fusion and casual clothing, comfort has become key. Therefore, a pair of white sneakers have become a wardrobe staple. These can be paired with anything from smart casual ensembles to streetwear, thus offering a range of versatility. Boots are great over the ankle additions to footwear. Nevertheless, they may be rarely suitable for formal clothing. If you want to create a semi-formal look, tan boots worn underneath pants or chinos may work. For a holiday look, owning a pair of running shoes and sandals in brownish shades will do the trick.

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