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As the weather drops lower down under, it’s essential to prepare your outfit to stay warm amidst the cold breeze. This is your opportunity to suit up stylishly by incorporating shades of the season into your wardrobe, such as burgundy, army green, brown, and the timeless staple colors navy and grey. Therefore, having a bespoke suit that fits perfectly is undoubtedly the greatest enhancement to your look. Ensure it becomes an everlasting piece by investing in the right pattern and colors for versatility.

At The Suit Concierge, we offer a wide array of fabric colors and materials, which may sometimes feel overwhelming. But look no further—take notes and get inspired by our curation to easily assemble the best looks for your timeless wintry season outfits for various occasions.

Business Attire

Your workday routine may feel mundane, especially when the weather is hazy, but that doesn’t mean your outfit has to be somber. Step up your layering game to look cool while staying warm simultaneously. An overcoat, such as the staple Chesterfield coat, can enhance your look while projecting professionalism at formal events. Here are some styles to elevate your day-to-day business attire:

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Elevate the mood with a dashing and rich deep burgundy, combined with the classic shepherd’s check in a cream color. Don’t forget, the right material will also keep you cozy during long working hours. Here, we use the finest wool with 2% lycra for flexibility. For the suit itself, you can never go wrong with a classic notch lapel jacket paired with tapered pants. Achieve the exact look by consulting with our stylist using the fabric code below.


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Layering your suit serves the dual purpose of keeping you warm and instantly elevating your look when attending formal meetings with colleagues. Sharpen your appearance with a double-breasted, notch lapel jacket paired with a contrasting Chesterfield overcoat. Comfort is paramount, especially when it comes to coats, so our premium cashmere would undoubtedly be the best decision to withstand harsh weather conditions. Take a peek at this look and replicate it tailored by us with similar details.

Men Business Suit


Party Ensemble

The wintry season is approaching, and so is the wedding season. With plenty of parties ahead, don’t get overwhelmed. Instead, seize this opportunity to unleash your creativity and stand out using winter staple colors. Bring dynamism to your ensemble by incorporating different material sand patterns into your suit, which can serve as the highlight of your attire.

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When attending a black-tie wedding party, ensure you are not underdressed. You can always rely on a three-piece suit with a black bow tie for such occasions. Consider infusing some patterns, such as woven herringbone, into your black suit for intriguing details without compromising its formality. However, be mindful not to overdo it with clashing patterns. Take inspiration from the look we’ve created below, using silky ultrafine merino wool from our fabric collection.

Men Party suit

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Winter and blue tones in an outfit are a match made in heaven, but you can heat it up by incorporating two different textures into a look. Pair a grey waffle knit wool jacket with a sky blue waffle knit wool jacket with warm fuzzy corduroy pants to refine your party ensemble. This combination exudes classic elegance and elaborate craftsmanship, perfect for attending a wedding party. For added sophistication, opt for a double-breasted jacket design. Keep this pair in mind as you consult with our stylist, and we can create it for your own unique look.

Men Party suit


Casual Friday Outfits

As the workdays come to an end, it’s time to wind down and pop open a bottle to relax. Keep looking effortlessly crisp by opting for a patterned jacket and chino pants. Read below for some tips to jazz up your Friday night out look.


You can always get away with this timeless complementary color pairing: blue and sand. Applying this principle, infuse it into a navy Tartan check jacket paired with sand chino pants to showcase how basic colors can be elegant and understated all at once. A tailored Italian wool jacket from our collection will undoubtedly be a versatile investment piece. Lastly, skip the tie to ease up your look.

Men's Casual Friday Suit Melbourne

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Muted colors don’t always connote dullness; they can be the mainstay of our winter wardrobe if we mix them with other colors. In this scenario, pairing grey with blue, with the same undertone ,can bring a new nuance to your outfit. Just toss on a single-breasted jacket with a half clover lapel, paired with dress pants, and you’re ready to rock the night. Importantly, choosing the finest quality luscious cashmere and wool proves that style and comfort can coexist. Consult with our stylist in- store to make this look your own.

Men's Casual Friday suit Richmond


Weekend Outing Style

Wind breeze, warm coffee, and ‘cool’ outfits are all you need to ensure you are ready to enjoy ideal slow Sunday. For this season, manifesting into bold patterned jacket paired with casual pants could come in handy. Tuck in turtleneck underneath and wrap around your scarf for adding layer of protection and you are good to go. Embodied all these elements into your look with several tips below on how to get the right combination as your staple winter look.

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Embody the relaxed feeling of Sunday into your suit silhouette by choosing a clover lapel and patch pockets, then crafted with an interpolated Prince of Wales plaid in wool fabrics. This creates a sophisticated look with a touch of “quiet luxury” from the classic pattern. Pair it with navy chino pants and brown suede loafers for the final touch of your weekend getaway.

Men's weekend Outing suit Melbourne

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Monochromatic colors unmistakably the safest bet for looking dapper. For instance, in this look, we implement those value within this green and blue shade in hounds tooth wool jacket paired with deep teal chino pants. Greenish tone is sought after to be this year’s trend but even after years later, it will never out of style. In fact, teal imparts tranquility and sophistication image to the beholder.

Men's weekend Outgoing suit Melbourne

At last, it’s all about comfort and confidence when it comes to styling winter outfits. Comfort stems from the right choice of exceptional quality materials, while confidence arises when the outfits make you look dapper and bring out your best side. Stick to colors that complement your skin tone, and don’t hesitate to mix and match different patterns within a look. Ensure that your outfit is tailored to perfection so you’ll still look dashing even in the chilliest months ahead. Book appointments now with our proficient stylists to prepare your winter wardrobe essentials. The process is seamless, and you can set your schedule instantly by clicking the link above.

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