When it Comes to Suits, is Off-the-rack or Tailored Better for YOU?

Home Fashion Tips When it Comes to Suits, is Off-the-rack or Tailored Better for YOU?

Are you a suit aficionado? Or perhaps, you’re getting married soon? Either way, chances are you will have certain expectations from a new suit. Among the big decisions early in the suit game is – off-the-rack or tailored? There’s something to be said for each, but which suits your needs best? We are here to help you clear this dilemma.

Is time on your side?

There’s nothing quite like the bespoke experience, from feeling the fabric that will go into crafting the perfect suit to lending your own inputs into the cut and fit. But, sometimes you may not have the luxury of time on your side. In cases like this, where you need a suit and you need it fast, store-bought may be the best option for you. You will have an array of choices at your disposal, but you may have to settle (just that little bit) on the details and comfort. There are plenty of off-the-rack options that deliver perfectly serviceable suits, make sure you find one that best suits your needs.

You can’t put a price on personalization

What sets a tailored suit apart from any other suit is that it’s inimitable. Yours is one of a kind and you will never find yourself in a situation where someone is wearing the exact same suit. When you’re wearing a tailored suit, you can rest assured that yours is unique.

It’s all about the details

From functioning surgeon’s cuffs to customized buttonholes made for the lapels, you can imagine your suit just the way you want it. Bespoke tailors, take ours, for example, pay meticulous attention to things that off-the-rack suits usually cannot focus on. When you opt for a tailored suit, you can choose the pocket style, buttons, and even the lining that you love the most so that your suit has a bit of you in every fold.

Consider your body type

In the most traditional sense, tailored suits always fit better. This is because everyone has a unique body type and off-the-rack suits usually just cater to average specifications. If you’re buying a suit that you plan to wear on special or formal occasions, it makes sense to opt for a tailor-made suit because made to measure always fits better. You’ll be more comfortable because your suit will fit just right. If you do go with an off-the-rack suit, you can alter it slightly to better suit your body shape.

What does the suit mean to you?

If this is your wedding suit then there should be no questions asked, you should definitely go bespoke for the big day! This applies to any big day; any occasion where eyes are on you.
Even for job interviews or a new job – nothing makes a lasting impression quite like a well-tailored suit. Like Edith Head once said, “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it”. Dressing for something that special probably calls for a bespoke suit.

Comfort or couture?

If you’re opting for off-the-rack you may have to settle for a regular fit over a more, custom-crafted elegant cut. When you’re tailor-making your suit, you can have the best of both worlds- comfort without compromising on style and aesthetics. Every aspect of a tailor-made suit can be customized so you can make sure that your suit looks as good as it feels on you.

As makers of both, bespoke suits and off-the-rack suits, we can say that it all boils down to the utility that a suit holds for you. However, we will say this- while tailored suits do take more time, they are a long-lasting investment that will always be a winner in your wardrobe.

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