What To Wear For That Big Job Interview?

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“Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”

You only get one chance to make a great, first impression, and when it comes to interviewing for the job you’ve only dreamed of having, the pressure to make a good impression can be nerve racking! Are you confident about your skill set and experience? Are you usually good with interviews? Even if you are, there’s one more, make or break factor that some tend to overlook, and that is, your appearance. You could quote all the statistics to your interviewer and try to woo them with your people skills, but none of that may matter if your outfit and overall presentation don’t live up to your excellent, impeccable communication and professional skills. You need to have the full package in an interview; you must tick every little box that your interviewer may have. Deciding what to wear can be tricky. You don’t want to be underdressed, but you also don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself either, so what do you do? We have a few tips that will help you dress to impress.

Suit up for anything corporate!

It doesn’t matter if you’re female or male, suit up, because that’s the most business-like attire there is. Suiting up is a sign of power and confidence, it reflects your attitude towards your interview- your interviewer will immediately know that you’re taking this job seriously and that you want to leave no stone unturned. While choosing the correct suit, stick to formal shades such as navy, grey and black (for women, any subtle color will do). Ladies, make sure you pair your suit with closed toe shoes. Men, make sure the pants aren’t bunching at the bottom.

Dressing for roles that concern fashion

If you’re interviewing in the corporate space, or, for a role that calls for formal attire, then a suit is the only way to go. However, if you’re interviewing for a job that’s in the fashion space such as a personal shopper or a fashion writer/editor, you can afford to dress edgier and flaunt your style. Always dress for the industry you plan to enter. Ladies – if you have a wonderful one-piece dress that screams ‘You’, pair it with your favorite heels and you’re good to go! Just make sure that the length of your skirt or dress is appropriate. Don’t forget to accessorize because that’s a great way of letting your interviewer know that you are fashion-forward, without really saying anything.

For aspiring investment bankers or roles in finance

The moment we hear the words ‘bank’ or ‘finance’, our style antennas immediately go down, but this shouldn’t be the case! Your suits don’t have to be your run-of-the-mill plain charcoal or navy suits, you can always have a beautifully tailored suit in a window-pane or Prince of Wales check (if that better represents your personality) so that you can really impress your interviewer.

Interviews for creative roles

If you’re interviewing for roles such as photographer, creative director, or writer, you don’t really have to suit up for your interview, and you shouldn’t because you may feel out of place. That being said, things like distressed denims and tie and dye t-shirts are a complete no-no. You can always save them for after you get the job! Chinos are a good bet and you can pair them with a simple, cotton shirt or a semi-casual top for the ladies. Feel free to accessorize, but make sure that your accessories aren’t grabbing too much attention. The spotlight should be on you as a whole, and more importantly, on what you’re saying.

Dressing for an interview with a startup

One of the perks of working for a startup is that most of them have very relaxed dress codes. You can always look up the company website in advance to understand the work culture and what may be deemed as appropriate and acceptable. Remember, no matter how open-minded or forward the startup may seem, do not wear anything too whimsical, revealing or out of the box. It’s okay to exhibit your own sense of style but make sure that the outfit itself is modest.

While dressing for your interview, remember what they say – how you present yourself, is how people first view you – so reflect on what are you showcasing (and make sure your outfit is clean and pressed).

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