What are the Best Men’s Suit Trends to Follow in 2020?

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Suits are timeless. No matter the era, these are a mandatory addition for every man’s wardrobe. Their significance is symbolized through their versatility of use. Suits are regarded as the most professional business attire, classy wedding outfits, suave date wear and much more. Moreover, a well fitted suit is a treasure that lasts generations.

However, the most classic ensembles have had to adapt to the times. Suits, albeit timeless, are no exception to this rule. There have always been suit varieties, colours, patterns and more that have been more in fashion than the other as per changing eras.

A spiffy man or not, everyone always wants to stay relevant by being on top of the latest vogue. Therefore, familiarising yourself with the best trends before investing in a suit is prime. Here are a few suit styles to take on in 2020.

1. Coloured Monotone

One of the more significant trends in recent times has been colour. The world’s focus has shifted from the classic neutrals to playful colours.  In addition, another element that has been a la mode is monotone. 2020 has brought in a nouveau suiting style by blending both these aspects to create a maximalist look. Today, instead of the same old navy, grey and black suits, bold tones such as green, pastels, bright reds, nudes and such are in trend. The catch is that these look the most modish when worn in monotone, meaning the same shade from top to bottom. Nonetheless, if one is looking for a more subtle vibe, they can pair the same coloured jacket, tie and pants with a contrasting shirt to break the monotony.

2. Brown is the New Black

When one associates suits with timelessness, the classic image of a grey, navy blue or black two-piece emerges in front of the eyes. Although, as mentioned earlier, colors are the new fashion. Having said that, for a gentleman who prefers a low-key style, brown is the new neutral. Tweeds in warm, earth brown colors are the perfect combination of sophistication and fashion. But it is still important to remember that brown is not so easy to carry off. Matching the shade with a lighter shirt, either a basic white or stylish chambray will set off an elegant look.  Experimental men can also try to pull off a monotone by pairing the wearing a darker, chocolate brown shirt inside.

3. Comfort Fashion

As time passes, fashion is becoming more relaxed. Gone are the days when agonizingly fitted garments and uneasy low waist pants were the conventions. Therefore, suits are also becoming more comfortable. The trend has largely shifted from over-fitted to oversized. Relaxed fit blazers that slouch at the shoulders and don’t hug your back are the current mode. Nevertheless, these need to be made stitched by an experienced tailor. Getting away with wearing a larger size is likely not possible. Similarly, instead of skinny fit trousers, the fashion has oscillated to wide-legged pants that allow better breathability and adorn the figure well. To make the ensemble even extra comfortable, pants are also becoming high waist, the fabric airy and the fit elastic. These additions also make the garment further inclusive and versatile to different body types. Additionally, you can also pair your attire with sneakers instead of tight brogues.

4. Double Power

Double-breasted suits have, to a great extent, been associated with gangsters, overconfident traders, calculative bankers and more. However, the truth is that these are the most polished suits ever made. The refined peak lapels are associated with elegance and charisma. Furthermore, the buttons increase the charm and make it apt for all occasions without being overly dressy or casual. For a more street look, these can be custom-made to include fewer buttons and increased bagginess.

5. Pattern Overload

Traditional patterns including plaid, pinstripes, dogtooth, tattersall, herringbone and more are back in trend. These retro prints of the 90s are back in trend in 2020. A tweed patterned blazer, pants, tie and vest paired with a plain shirt is the look in fashion. For a less flashy look, you can choose to let go off the vest or wear a plain waistcoat as well as tie instead.

6. Mix and Match

With capsule wardrobes being in style suits are also embracing mix and match skills. A mismatched blazer and pants can make you look classy without being too formal. However, when it comes to carrying this trend off without looking awkward, one needs to be careful about color combinations. For example, pairing a white blazer with olive green pants will look debonair but pairing it off with pastel pants will just look uncanny. Remember that you want to be able to stand out while making a charming impression.

7. Waistcoats

Waistcoats are the most cultured addition to any man’s closet. These give out the most chivalrous feel. Thankfully, this gallant item of clothing is back in vogue in 2020. From plain waistcoats inside a patterned two-piece or the other way round, both looks are fashionable. You can also wear the same shade vest for a monochromatic look. These waistcoats will make heads turn due to their natural opulence.

Following all the above trends will make you feel and appear soignee wherever you go. Besides, these will truly make you seem a class apart. Looking for the most stylish suits? The Suit Concierge will customise one that adorns your personality like no other.

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