Tips to Take Women’s Suiting to The Next Level

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The world generally associates suits with men. While it has been traditionally so, times are changing. Just like people, fashion is becoming more acceptable and versatile. Today, women can carry off suits, sometimes even better than men. In fact, a suit set has now become an essential in every woman’s closet.

The bar for selecting a women’s suit is a bit different when compared to a men’s suit. Since women’s clothing is generally a lot more diverse, the options are many. Hence, there is a lot more scope for experimentation.

However, it is extremely important to get women’s suiting right in order to flaunt it in the best possible way. Here are a few tips that can make women in suits stand out.

Blur the Masculine and Feminine Lines

Some elements such as button-up shirts, loafers, boxy jackets and such are considered to be masculine. Nonetheless, women can carry these off beautifully. Button-up shirts can be paired with box heels for a professional look. Additionally, sometimes, men’s loose fit blazers are more comfortable than women’s loose fit blazers.Therefore, these look exceptionally well when worn. Blurring the lines between such masculine and feminine clothing can help you put the best foot forward.

Dress it Down

Women’s suits aren’t just for business meetings and other formal commitments. Just like men’s suits, these can be dressed down. Wearing skinny jeans and a casual top with a blazer is a classic example of this. You can also wear your blazer over a fitted dress. Apart from this, one can wear sneakers with the above or pair suit pants with a casual top. In all these ways, suits can be worn out informally, thereby increasing their usability. Another way to flaunt a party look is by wearing a cami or crop top under the jacket or by ditching the blouse altogether.

Carry Off the Classic Look

The classic way to wear suits always goes far. Light coloured, button-up shirts can be paired with a darker set of pants and jacket. Other than this, a slim neck scarf can be tied around the neck to give the illusion of a tie. This can be worn with a pair of pumps and accessorized with studs and a subtle necklace.

Opt for Tailored Suits

When choosing between off-the-rack and tailor-made, it is always best to choose the latter. This is because these assure a better fit and especially with womens’ body shapes, it’s rare to find off-the-rack suits that fit perfectly; you may find a suit you like but the shoulders or the chest just isn’t quite right, or the pants may be a tad bit too tight on the thigh area. Aside from getting a perfect fit, a tailor-made suit provides a scope of customization, enabling you to really make it your own.

Add in Some Colour and Print

Formal colours have usually been black, navy and grey. Nonetheless, this is now changing and there are many more colours that can be carried off as formal wear in women’s suiting. Colours such as burgundy, brown, olive green and classic patterns such as pinstripes and checks can be used in women’s suits. During spring and summer, colours such as dusty pink and sky blue make attractive suits. Another way to add colour to the ensemble is to wear a bright cloured shirt or blouse under a navy, black or grey jacket.

The Skirt or Pants Debate

Conventionally, knee-length pencil skirts are associated with women’s suits. Skirts offer a more elegant look over pants. Apart from this, they are more classic and don’t limit your shoe choices like pants and their various iterations do. Additionally, a skirt is more versatile and can be paired with various tops in a women’s wardrobe, dressed down or dressed up depending on the occasion. But, it’s also important to remember that skirts can be less comfortable than pants, especially body hugging ones and do not provide as much warmth as pants do. Whilst the fit of a suit pant is harder to fit perfectly, a skirt leaves no scope for a bad fitting job. The choice hence depends on your personal preference and perhaps the nature of your work.

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