This is How You Know If Your Suit Fits Perfectly!

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Buying an off-the-rack suit may seem as easy as a pie! But, that’s not the reality. You just can’t pick up a suit and throw it on. It’s important to get “that perfect fit” to nail the look.

Finding a suit that fits like a glove can be a bit of work and a time-consuming process. These days, the contemporary suit comes with a lot more variations. Nevertheless, if you want to buy a no-frills, well-fitted suit, here are certain tips that you should not ignore:

1. The Jacket Must Not Sag or Bite at Shoulders

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When trying on a suit jacket, the first thing you should do is to take a good look at the shoulder and look out for out two things. If the suit sags at the shoulder or bites, the suit you are wearing is not the right fit. Sagging or biting happens when the suit jacket’s shoulder width doesn’t match your shoulders.

A bite happens when the shoulders of your jacket are too tight and thus form a divot on the arm at the back of sleeve head. Similarly, when the jacket shoulders are too wide, they droop off your shoulders, looking a bit sloppy.

2. Avoid Gapes or Breaks in the Jacket Chest

Avoid Gapes or Breaks in the Jacket Chest

The jacket chest should always perfectly align with the shape of the wearer’s chest. Usually, a chest break happens when the jacket is too small. Likewise, chest gaping happens when it’s too big. Either way, it results in an opening between the chest and jacket and doesn’t give you a sharp look.

3. The Pant Seat Should Fit Right; Not Sagging, Not Tight

It’s not unusual for the pant seat to be too tight or too baggy. This entirely depends on the build of your bottom half. Ideally, the seat should fit smoothly against your derriere without getting pulled. Also, if it feels like the pants might split when you sit, it’s just not the right fit.

4. Pockets Should Not Pop Out

Pockets Should Not Pop Out

The pockets on the trouser should smoothly lay against the side of your hip. If they pop out like an elephant’s ear, the pants aren’t the perfect fit. Pockets pop when the seat is too tight or stride doesn’t leave much space for the thighs. If the fit is too tight, the pockets will pop more.

5. Length of the Jacket Sleeves

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The jacket sleeve covering your knuckles is the first sign of a poorly fitted suit. The sleeves of your suit jacket should ideally rest right about the joint where the hand meets the wrist, exposing 0.25”- 0.50” of your shirt.

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