Things to Consider When You are Buying Your Wedding Suit

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Whether it’s an intimate, low-key backyard wedding ceremony or a traditional church wedding, preparing for the big day can be a whirlwind. From finalising the venue to preparing invites and everything in between, it can feel like there are a million things that you need to get in place for a picture-perfect ceremony.

Amid all these preparations, it is quite obvious to look past some crucial details, including the groom’s suit for the big day.

The movie industry has portrayed nervous brides shopping for their wedding dress. While there’s always so much emphasis on the importance of ‘the dress’, the groom’s suit becomes an afterthought. A groom’s wedding suit wedding plays equal importance as a bridal gown.

Picking out the right suit can be a little daunting even for a fashion-savvy man. To help you sort your wedding suit woes, we have summarised the important things you should keep in mind when choosing your wedding suit:

Stand Out (Because It’s Your Day To!)

Standing out doesn’t mean you have to wear something over the top. A simple but unconventional wedding suit can make a strong style statement. If you want to take the traditional route without going over the top, you can go with subtle changes to your suit. Instead of the classic tuxedo, you can go with one with a jacquard lapel. Alternatively, accessories such as the choice of tie, pocket square and shoes can make a huge impact on your overall look. Do you want to be a little more adventurous? Just mix and match fabrics and colours to create an unconventional look.

Consider Fabric First. Colour Comes Second

Unless you have a distinct wedding theme, we suggest you pick the fabric first before choosing the colour. The reason behind this is that certain fabrics and colours never work well. A peach tweed suit is enough to ruin your wedding look.

More importantly, you should consider the season you are getting married in. There’s no doubt you want to look dashing on your big day, but a lightweight linen suit isn’t going to work if you are planning a winter wedding at a mountain resort and similarly, a velvet dinner jacket won’t do for a summer beach wedding.

A Good Fit is Key

A Good Fit is Key

The fit of the groom’s suit is perhaps the most crucial factor – It can make or break your wedding look. To ensure your suit has a perfect fit, there are a few things to look out for.

  • The jacket should not bite at the shoulders
  • The jacket chest should not gape
  • The jacket sleeve should be the right length
  • The pant seat should sit right

A skilled tailor will also take into account your body size, shape and size to make sure the proportions of the suit flatter and complement your physique, whilst the style of the suit speaks to your personality.

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Before You Pick a Suit, Do Your Homework

Your regular tailor will be happy to walk you through various looks. But before you go to them, having a starting point is advisable. Do some homework – have a look at Instagram, Pinterest, blogs or magazines to catch the latest trends on groom looks. When you have a rough idea of the look you want, it becomes easier to then focus on the other finer details (which, if you’re getting the suit tailor-made, can be a lot).

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