Suit Up! – A Gentleman’s Guide to Buy the Perfect Suit

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Get a Well-Tailored Suit For That Dapper Look

A wise man once said, “A well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men”. So, choose wisely!

There’s definitely a suit out there for everyone. However, with several men’s brands offering an enormous range of options for this wardrobe staple, the shoppers often feel intimidated and perplexed.

Find Your “Suit-able” Match with this Handy Guide

At The Suit Concierge, we have tried to ease the things down for you. With this handy guide, you can find the most suit-able attire and effortlessly channelize your inner George Clooney!

1. Perfect Fit is the Star

A suit that’s too large, baggy or long can make you look sloppy! The golden rule to get that devastatingly debonair look is to have a suit that flatters your unique body frame and brings out its best features.

However, getting “that perfect fit” is a Herculean task! There are numerous factors that determine to get the ultimate fit that works best for your frame.

Here are a few useful tips that will help you find a flawlessly fitted suit:

  • Length of the Jacket -Is your jacket too long or too short? Here’s an easy trick to get the right length. Hang your arm straight with palms folded in a fist. Make sure your knuckles fall in line with the hem.
  • Shoulders -Ideally, the shoulder pad should lie flat without protruding beyond the shoulder bones.
  • Length of Sleeves -Sleeves shouldn’t fall beyond the base of your thumb.  Make sure that about half an inch of your shirt cuff is visible.
  • Closure -While trying on the jacket, make sure it fits comfortably around your stomach. It shouldn’t be too tight to avoid the clumsy gaping at the buttons.
  • Trouser Break -Ideally, your trouser cuffs should not be too long and should comfortably rest an inch above your shoe.

2. Focus on Fabrics

Finding the ultimate fit is just half the battle won! Picking up the right fabric is what makes your suit look classy. If you opt for extra shiny fabric, it may mar the overall look (and feel) of your jacket.

It’s always best to avoid synthetic clothes since they don’t allow your suit to breathe.

Moreover, go for season-appropriate fabrics. Linen, cotton or mohair are great for the hot and humid Australian summers, while cashmere, wool or tweed are ideal when the temperature takes a dip. For a year-round appropriate fabric, go with wool.

3. Colour is the Real Hero

Apart from the fit and fabric, another crucial element is colour! Picking up the right colours is the key to create an indelible first impression.

Suit wardrobes are built on the foundation of versatility. So, unless you’ve to show up at a red carpet event, it’s probably best to stack your wardrobe with colours other than black. It’s always better to have something less formal in your closet for a casual, fun event.

While black is an all-purpose colour, it’s always nice to expand the palette. Apart from the regulars like navy blue and charcoal grey, you can also go for lesser-used colours like pastel hues, brown, cream, forest green or burgundy.

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