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Fancy a shirt that doesn’t stain? I certainly do – read on if you do too.

Getting through the day with a spotless shirt an achievement for me. From my morning cuppa to my dinner meetings, I somehow find it difficult to keep my white shirt white. I’ve tried almost every trick in the book. I should probably add a personal disclaimer right here – I sweat. A LOT. So even if I manage to get through the day without a tract of my food on my shirt, chances are, I’ll still come home with sweat stains. I need is a shirt that handles my kinds of clumsy. While at it, how about one that draws moisture away from the body? Too good to be true? I thought so too.

Just when I was about to lose all hope and invest in a man-bib, I was introduced to this shirting fabric (sent by god) at The Suit Concierge. It’s a stain resistant, anti-sweatmark shirting fabric. They say the unique weaving technique used redirects perspiration away from the body. Then there’s the stain resistant function which keeps coffee, sauce and wine off your shirt!

Driven by curiosity, I did a little digging myself and managed to find some background information. [Enter tech nerd].

Inspired By Peaches
So how did this all begin? In a world where creators draw their inspiration from just about anything, I am glad that this stain resistant fabric took a leaf out of nature’s book. This fantastic fabric to keep shirts stain free gets its inspiration from a sugary sweet fruit with a delightful smell – Peaches!

Those with an inordinate closeness to that fruit will tell you that the peach has a distinctive fuzz that sets this fruit apart from the rest of the fruit family. Well, the fuzz is there for a reason and fabric-creators have tapped into its brilliance. Shirts made from this stain-resistant fabric will take you from coffee saturated meetings to late night dinner parties without a mark, all day!

What makes it water resistant?
Peaches have thin, delicate skin compared to other fruits. This makes them susceptible to bruising and decay easily. The protective fuzz keeps the fruit from getting damaged by the elements. Heavy rainfall and even excess dew can penetrate the thin skin of the fruit. So, the main goal of the peach fuzz is to repel water. The fruit’s fuzz collects water droplets and they roll off the surface of the fruit. This way, the water stays away and the fruit is left nice and peachy.

A company called Nano-Tex used this concept while creating their stain-free fabric for shirts. This fabric has ‘nano-whiskers’ like the fuzz on the peach. They are minute hair-like projections. So, when liquids fall on the surface of this fabric, it beads up and rolls away. As long as the liquid rolls away, the fabric is free from stains!

What a winner! So, if you’re looking for an easy solution to keeping your shirts spotless, contact the guys over at The Suit Concierge and get yourself some new dress shirts made with this brilliant new stain resistant, durable, and breathable fabric – we’ve got at least 30 different colours and patterns.

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