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Just like every other fashion accessory, trends in suiting keep evolving. With 2020 being the year of working from home, and that continues through to 2021 for some, this year’s trends incorporate more comfortable and casual ensembles. Here are some of this year’s suit trends:

Flirt with Colours and Tones

Gone are the days when greys, black and navy suits were the only choices. Men who wish to play around with fashion can now wear a powder blue, army green, burgundy or even a pastel pink suit. While these may not be appropriate for business events, they are a fun wardrobe piece for social events or a night out. This is one way of making men less colour shy. Another trend that has soared is tone-on-tone suiting. Wearing different shades of one colour may have looked odd in the past, but  this year it is on trend. The trick is to pair darker and lighter tones in balance. For example, a charcoal grey suit jacket can be paired with a light grey shirt and dark grey tie.

Oversized Look

Suiting which was previously considered completely dressy and fitted is now becoming more relaxed. Instead of traditional fitted jackets and trousers, an oversized look is trending in 2021 (great for those who’ve put on some extra weight during the lockdown!). However, it is important to note that these oversized suits showcase the art of the tailor; going a size up will simply result in an ill-fitting suit and not achieve this intentional oversized look.

Relaxed Traditional

Traditional patterns such as pinstripes and checks have been typically associated with high-end lawyers, bankers and sometimes sartorial movie gangsters. Bold checks are back in fashion today. Another traditional suiting trend that is back to stay is the double breasted suit jacket. All these traditional styles have been re-invented by giving them a more relaxed fit so that one has more space to move around. The fabrics used are more comfortable too. These include linen, cotton and wool.

Wide Bottoms

Most of the early 2000s were a frenzy of the skinny fit. Trousers that were like a second skin were a big part of that fashion. Now, however, trends are becoming more relaxed and human. Wider pants, flat front and pleated varieties that are comfortable and also a  better fit on the average body, are making a comeback.

Perfect Mismatch

There is harmony in disharmony. There is no better example for this than the current suiting trend of pairing separates. The idea is to pair different coloured jackets, trousers and shirts in a way in which they come together in harmony. This needs some knowledge about colour coordination, but if pulled off well, it can make for the perfect smart casual look. Suit separates have always been a part of business casual attire but are now becoming increasingly popular for weddings – grooms and guests alike. It is important to remember however, that mixing two different suits will not do the trick – buy your separates separately.

Brown is Back

A popular colour choice for suits in the 70s, brown is back in fashion. Warmer and yet just as sombre looking as black or navy, it is suitable for all occasions. Darker shades of brown are best worn in autumn and winter whilst the warmer summer months call for lighter shades such as tan and camel. Brown suits may not, however, be everyone’s cup of tea and it may take some searching for the right shade to suit one’s skin tone. Brown suits are best paired with a powder blue or white shirt.

Athleisure Suits

If you are someone who dislikes suits because of their rigidity, you are in luck. One of the latest trends in suiting is athleisure suits. Unlike the traditional structured wool-based suits, these are made with a more stretchy jersey fabric, typically used in tracksuits. Although looking like a suit (with a lapelled jacket and pants), this type of suit will not be acceptable in dressier workplaces. It will however, be great for those working from home whilst still required to be presentable for video calls. Of course if your workplace has a more casual dress code, then a jersey suit or jacket would suffice.

Casual Shoes with Suits

Formal shoes may look great but they aren’t always the most comfortable. But with trends shifting towards comfort, wearing sneakers with a suit has become a fashion statement. It is however important to ensure that the shoes you choose complement your attire. Again, sneakers won’t be suitable for dressier workplaces but will definitely work with a business casual look.

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