Made-to-Measure vs Bespoke Tailoring : Which is Better?

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Two tailoring terms that are commonly confused with each other are made-to-measure and bespoke. These are often considered to be one and the same by laymen. This is largely because a lot of tailors use these terms interchangeably to market their brands. However, people who are familiar with the basics know that these are actually two separate terms. While there are a few similarities between the two, calling them one and the same is a common error. The distinction between the two terms is based on several factors. Some of these are explored below to give you a better understanding.

Frequency and Number of Measurements

A made-to-measure outfit usually consists of a base fabric or ready-made outfit that is to be stitched in order to fit. Therefore, this typically requires only one to two fitting sessions and possibly a third just for minor alterations. A bespoke outfit on the other hand is built from the ground up. It therefore requires a few fittings and a lot of measurements. The fitting process can take out eight to ten weeks before the outfit is finally ready.

Choice of Fabric

Made-to-measure tailors usually let you choose among fabrics sourced from one or two mills. This is because usually made-to-measure tailors work on fitting garments instead of building them. Bespoke tailors give you a choice of fabrics from around eight to ten mills or more. This is because the basic aim is to make an outfit from scratch for a person.

Choice and Modification in Pattern

Made-to-measure is more about making sure that a garment is adjusted as per your measurements. The tailor stitches the ready made outfit, for example, a size 44 jacket, and alters it to fit the wearer’s body. For this, shoulder width, jacket length and just a few basic measurements are taken. Bespoke is a unique concept that deals with creating a pattern of any outfit. With bespoke garments, a jacket is made especially for a person. Thus, detailed measurements such as the arch of the back or the slope of the shoulder are recorded.

Type of Customizations

Some basic customization options such as pocket style, type of buttons, pleats of trousers, cuffs and more are available under made-to-measure. Bespoke provides a plethora of customization options. Pretty much any and every element of the garment can be customized.

Budget Criterion

Made-to-measure outfits are basically a mix of bespoke and off the rack. It is therefore a cheaper alternative. On the other hand, bespoke outfits are unique. These are designed to make the wearer stand out. For this very reason, these are usually more expensive than made-to-measure. However, you can get both made-to-measure and bespoke garments to fit your budget by making conscious choices.

Interaction with Tailor

In a made-to-measure setting, a sales representative with a basic tailoring understanding takes the measurements and refers these to a tailor subsequently. In a bespoke setting, a tailor interacts directly with the client and takes measurements. This is due to the need for detailed and precise measurements.

Overall, the choice between made-to-measure and bespoke comes down to the individual’s budget, the purpose of the garment and the level of detailing or customizationthe individual desires.

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