How to Style Your Tuxedo Right?

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A Tuxedo is the most formal attire in any man’s closet. It is an ensemble that is associated with elegance, class and sophistication. This is why it is the most appropriate garment for black tie events, weddings and other formal functions.

To master the art of carrying off a tuxedo in panache, we have outlined the perfect way to style a tuxedo. This essentially explores every element of the tuxedo and the classifications available in the market.

The Jacket

The jacket is the most important and visible part of the tuxedo. Getting it right is imperative in making your ensemble look grand. This is why it’s necessary to consider all aspects like lapels, jacket style, colour and material.

The better choices for tuxedo lapels are peak and shawl tuxedos. Both of these lapels are extremely formal and suitable for black tie events. A notch lapel on the other hand is more casual and better suited for work suits and sports jackets over dinner jackets.

When it comes to the colour, typically Black, Ivory or Midnight Blue are best suited for formal events. Jacquard, prints and bold colours (such as Emerald Green and Burgundy) are suited for creative black tie, celebratory or semi-formal events.

Wool is the go-to tuxedo jacket fabric. However, a velvet jacket is also a popular choice these days, particularly for cooler climates.

Leonardo Dicaprio sports a classic black jacket with peak lapels at the 2020 Oscars (Source: E! Online)

Ryan Gosling goes modern chic in an Ivory jacket at the Cannes Film Festival, 2016 (Source: Pinterest)

Chris Evans  sports a slightly informal, light blue velvet tuxedo jacket at the 2019 Oscars (Source: Pinterest)

Shirt Styles

The shirt inside a tuxedo is that aspect which makes the tie stand out. White shirts with no pockets are preferred inside tuxedo jackets. Shirts with wing tip collars are more formal than spread collars, however, are only suitable with bow ties. Other types of collars can be worn for a trendy look but not for formal functions. Similarly, shirts with no bibs, pleated or pique bibs are best for tuxedos. Ruffled bibs are also worn for thematic parties, creative black ties or by celebrities on the red carpet.

When it comes to plackets, a plain placket with four replaceable buttons are perfect for a formal look. Other plackets such as front or fly placket are also worn in formal and semi-formal tuxedos. No plackets are used for a clean, minimalistic appearance. As for the shirt cuffs, tuxedo shirts should be worn with cufflinks, which require French cuffs.

Sean Connery wearing a white shirt with pleated bib, wing tip collars and front placket in Dr. No.

Daniel Craig wearing a minimalistic no bib shirt with a fly placket in Casino Royale.

Bradley Cooper’s red carpet look includes a shirt with a classic tuxedo placket and no bib


Tuxedo pants are traditionally characterised by two vertical stripes on the sides of each leg. Another distinguishable aspect is the matching satin waistband that covers the front seams and endows a uninterrupted appearance, making one look taller. Contemporary tuxedos however, do not include these.

The tuxedo pant can either match the jacket or a black tuxedo pant can be paired to contrast your dinner jacket. In this instance, the jacket would typically have a black lapel and other accents to tie the pant and jacket together.

To sport a modern look, one can wear pants that end a little above the ankle.

Brad Pitt matches his black velvet tuxedo jacket with same coloured pants at Oscars 2020 (Source: The Sun)

David Beckham matches his ivory jacket with black tuxedo pants at the 2014 Met Gala (Source: PopSugar)

Tom Hiddleston pairs a dotted, double-breasted jacket with same pattern pants (Source: Wikimedia Commons)


Patent leather shoes go great with a tuxedo – they exude shine and elegance. Cap’s toes are also a great choice as these are the right amount of matte and shiny. For a more relaxed, informal look, a pair of textured loafers can be used. These go particularly well with the pant length above the ankle.

Actor Bradley Cooper sports a cummerbund to make his tuxedo unique (Source: Us Weekly)

Diane Keaton also headlines a Fedora along with her lady tuxedo at the 2004 Oscars (Source:Vogue)

Tuxedo Accessories

An essential accessory with a tuxedo is a necktie or bow tie, of which bow tie is more formal. A cummerbund also helps sport a more traditional formal look while a low cut vest is better for a smart vibe. A wool, silk or cotton pocket squares adorned with either classic patterns or monochromatic shades is also an imperative addition. In addition, button suspenders are a trendy addition to the ensemble.

Some optional accessories include metal cufflinks and matching button studs or chic silk knots. Patterned cufflinks are more semi-formal.

Actor Bradley Cooper sports a cummerbund to make his tuxedo unique (Source: Us Weekly)

Diane Keaton also headlines a Fedora along with her lady tuxedo at the 2004 Oscars (Source: Vogue)

Nick Jonas features a creative formal look by pairing a patterned pocket square with a gray patterned suit (Source: Zimbio)

Harry Styles is seen wearing brightly colored and heavily patterned tuxedos along with unique accessories such as scarves, necklaces, sweaters and so on.

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