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Summer is here and it’s finally getting warm. The heat on those 30 degree days can often be unbearable and we may find ourselves wishing we could ease back on the dress codes on such days. At a recent beach wedding, we attended, we couldn’t help but notice how uncomfortable the groom and groomsmen looked because of some poor choices that were made on picking out the suits for that day. The blokes were a hot and sweaty mess. Don’t let this be you. Here is advice for those who are looking to feel easy breezy in formal wear this summer.

But first, get rid of:

  • Skinny jeans, skin-tight pants.
  • Brightly coloured pants. (save these for the weekend, please)
  • Floral prints on shirts and jackets.

Confused yet? Ok, let us get the basics down first. Whether at important events or in office, you need air to circulate to be comfortable in the heat so as much as you may love the super slim fit suits, give your body room to breathe and move. You will thank yourself later. Here are some tips to get your formal wear right this summer.

Choose the Right Fabric

We all know that linen is a great choice for hot climates, however, with its easy-to-wrinkle nature, it’s not always suitable for formal occasions. The key is to use a fabric with an open weave. For the best cooling effect, choose from the many breathable fabrics, such as these:

  • Tropical – Next to linen, this is a popular summer choice for suits. It is wool, but the open weave makes it breathable.
  • Fresco – This is also wool but highly twisted, and plainly woven which makes it lightweight and one of the best fabrics to try in summer.
  • Hopsack – This is a loosely woven fabric lets the breeze through. It doesn’t wrinkle! experts call it the summer tweed. It makes an excellent blazer or three-piece suit in the summer.
  • Mohair – It is strong like linen and shines like silk. This fabric breathes well and keeps you cool in your slim black suit or a formal tuxedo in summer.

Choose the Right Colours

Dark colours absorb heat, so lighter colours are a better choice in the summer. White and pastel tones are a no-brainer but jewel tones are great too; colours that resemble gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, amethyst etc. They make you feel rich and sophisticated. These bright hues add vibrancy to your formal wear in summer.

Lighten Up

Lighter hues reflect more sunlight and are therefore cooler. Sky blue, light grey and beige are the best colours for outdoors in the summer, but they are pretty uncommon in the workplace. To maintain the formal dress code in the corporate environment, opt for a medium or light grey or a medium blue. Window panes look great in these colours – for those who like their suits to stand out from the rest.

Tie you Must

Ties can be frightful during the summers, but you don’t have to let go of them altogether. Choose knitted or cotton ones instead. These ties look great with subtle light-coloured suits.

Or go tie-less

Buttoning the top button of your shirt will restrict air flow and some find this rather uncomfortable on a hot day. If you don’t fancy a tie, go without. The suit and shirt combination is enough to keep the look formal.

Classic White Shirt

White shirts make the man. Any man regardless of body shape or skin colour looks great in a crisp white shirt. Choose a white oxford shirt to look sharp and serious. Be sure to get rid of sweat stains – – there’s nothing worse than a white shirt that’s not quite white.

The Blue Blazer

The most adaptable and versatile garment you can get is the blazer. It is the king of style! During summer, a sky blue blazer is on point. If you haven’t got one, a navy blazer will do. Wear a long sleeve cotton shirt underneath and pair it with light coloured well-tailored pants.

Ready to try something new? For more advice or styling tips, come and see us at The Suit Concierge. We’ve got the fabrics, the designs, and the colours for this weather – perfect to beat the heat this summer! Book an appointment for a free style consultation.

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