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5 Signs It's Time To Upgrade Your Wardrobe

There comes a time when every bloke needs an upgrade to the wardrobe. We know what you’re thinking - the time and money you’ve spent getting your suits might make them hard to part with, and who wants to take time out of their day to go shopping when there are a dozen other things you could be doing? That may be true, but how you look matters so you’re going to need to invest some time (and money) into that.

A (Line) to Z of Skirt Silhouettes

Skirts are an essential of any women’s wardrobe. They are a pretty versatile piece of clothing but getting to know all the skirt silhouettes can confuse or overwhelm some ladies (and the occasionally confused bloke). Understanding the different silhouettes allows you to select the one(s) best suited for your body type:

5 Things to Avoid When Buying Your Wedding Suit

Are you wondering what suit to get on your wedding day? Something unique, something hired or just off the rack? Just how much should you spend? Getting the suit could be the most exciting part of the wedding for the groom, but ignore a few basics and you could run into rough weather. If you’re homing in on getting a ripper suit, then avoid these wedding suit mistakes like the plague.

Spotless - A New Stain-resistant Fabric for Shirts!

Getting through the day with a spotless shirt an achievement for me. From my morning cuppa to my dinner meetings, I somehow find it difficult to keep my white shirt white. I’ve tried almost every trick in the book. I should probably add a personal disclaimer right here – I sweat. A LOT. So even if I manage to get through the day without a tract of my food on my shirt, chances are, I’ll still come home with sweat stains.

4 Tie Knots To Take Your Look up a Knotch

Well, we agree with Oscar Wilde on this. The tie is an essential component of any kind of formal attire. The kind of tie a man wears and the way in which he wears it, says a lot about the man.

20 Tips to Dress Correctly at Work

A good physical appearance at work is vital and plays a major role in creating a smashing impression. The first look creates the first perception. With a great first impression, talking your way into closing business deals becomes easier since you feel positive and confident. Hence, choosing the right outfit is extremely important.

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