Your Guide to Selecting the Right Lapel

While there are a lot of elements such as the fabric, the colour and the style that distinguishes one suit from another, lapels are amongst the most important. The lapel is essentially the backbone that defines the style and appearance of your jacket, suit or tux. Therefore, it is essential for any sartorial neophyte to familiarise himself with the types of lapels and the right width in order to carry off a suit with perfection.

Suit Up! - A Gentleman’s Guide to Buy the Perfect Suit

For over a century, men’s fashion has mostly revolved around one thing - a well-tailored suit. Get it right, and your wardrobe woes are solved! Whether you have to attend a job interview or have to go for your best friend’s wedding; suits are versatile and can come in handy for any occasion.

5 Fashion Items Every Aussie Lady Should Own

Harnessing your own personal style isn’t easy – it requires logic, intuition and a willingness to spend a bit more on some essential wardrobe pieces. And things get even harder when we are bombarded with numerous trends, shapes and colors to add to our closets every season.

5 Stylish Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Buying a gift for Valentine’s Day is one of the nicest ways to show your man you love and appreciate him, but with so many options out there, finding the perfect gift might be harder than it seems.

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