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Every Tie has a Tale to Tell

One might say what’s in a tie? It’s just an accessory. A tie is a tie. If that’s what you think, this post may change your mind. A necktie can transform a man’s appearance from casual to classy. Who invented this item of neckwear? How did all this variety in ties come to be? Here’s everything you need to know about this staple menswear accessory:

Clever Ways to Store Your Winter Wear

Switching your clock forward for daylight savings is your cue to give your closet a once-over. This is the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate your wardrobe choices – decide on the keepers and the goners. This way the items you would love to keep don’t have to be crammed in cardboard boxes or shoved deep into your closets anymore. Use your space better and store your winter wear post winter in many clever ways!

10 Father's Day Gifts to Upgrade His Style

Father's day awaits – are you ready? You will find most people driving either to a sporting shop or to the bottle shop scouting for the best father’s day gift. But believe us, you can make better choices. This year, don’t go with clichés - your dad deserves better. If you’re looking to give your dad a gift he will appreciate and one that upgrades his style, here are our suggestions:

10 of Our Favourite Whiskies You Have To Try

These cold winter nights are just the weather for a whisky that warms the heart. Famous men such as Abraham Lincoln and Mark Twain are rumoured to have enjoyed a glass of whisky at the end of every day. But whisky is not just for the well-suited Mad Men, the ladies and young people love their elixir too. So, no whisky isn’t an old man’s drink – far from it. Here we’ve got a list of our favourite whiskeys. If you haven’t already, you have to try them (not all of them will burn a hole in your wallet).

5 Signs It's Time To Upgrade Your Wardrobe

There comes a time when every bloke needs an upgrade to the wardrobe. We know what you’re thinking - the time and money you’ve spent getting your suits might make them hard to part with, and who wants to take time out of their day to go shopping when there are a dozen other things you could be doing? That may be true, but how you look matters so you’re going to need to invest some time (and money) into that.

A (Line) to Z of Skirt Silhouettes

Skirts are an essential of any women’s wardrobe. They are a pretty versatile piece of clothing but getting to know all the skirt silhouettes can confuse or overwhelm some ladies (and the occasionally confused bloke). Understanding the different silhouettes allows you to select the one(s) best suited for your body type:

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