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Summer Grooming Tips for Men

Who doesn’t love a hot summer, poolside fun, the beach and the sand? It is definitely a glorious time. However, summer isn’t all fun and games, and the weather and seasonal activities can have a devastating impact on your skin and hair. The solution isn’t as simple as applying sunscreen.

The Difference between a Suit and a Tuxedo

The dress code “Black Tie” simply means tuxedo. There will always be those who will wrongly interpret Black Tie to mean "formal" and arrive at whatever they feel appropriately dressy or simply a black suit. If you’re unsure of the difference between a tuxedo and a suit, read on and by the end of this post, you should have the answers.

Formal Dressing in the Summer

Summer is here and it’s finally getting warm. The heat on those 30 degree days can often be unbearable and we may find ourselves wishing we could ease back on the dress codes on such days. At a recent beach wedding we attended, we couldn’t help but notice how uncomfortable the groom and groomsmen looked because of some poor choices.

When it Comes to Suits, is Off-the-rack or Tailored Better for YOU?

Are you a suit aficionado? Or perhaps, you’re getting married soon? Either way, chances are you will have certain expectations from a new suit. Among the big decisions early in the suit game is - off-the-rack or tailored? There’s something to be said for each, but which suits your needs best? We are here to help you clear this dilemma.

5 Best Gins Every Gentleman Should Try

Gin, the foundation of many cocktails and a true gentleman’s neat liquor of choice. Much like a gentleman needs to know his whisky, he also needs to be a true gin connoisseur, not only to enhance his mixology skills, but also to have the perfect classy drink by his side for those upscale gatherings and meaningful conversations.

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