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Suits are often the smart dressing option for men. Be it business or pleasure; a suit always gives a distinctive edge that makes a man look and feel desirable. However, there are several criteria to consider before investing in the appropriate suit. The garment needs to serve the purpose, the wearer’s personality and the occasion.

One crucial element to consider when buying a suit is the fabric. While many off-the-rack options are available in wool and polyester blends, there are many other fabrics to choose from. A bespoke suit gives you the freedom to choose fabrics and get a suit crafted specifically for you. It’s good to consider all fabric options available before you ask your tailor to customize your desired attire.

Here are the most popular suit fabrics:


Wool is the most commonly used fabric in suiting. Wool is made of natural fibers and therefore makes for very breathable suits. It is suitable for both warm and cool climates. Given its durability, a wool suit is the most popular choice for business wear. A wool blazer can be paired with separate pants, chinos or jeans for a business casual or semi-casual look. The most significant advantage of a wool suit is its’ versatility and the ability to use it year-round.


Tweed is a rough wool patterned fabric that is synonymous with Scotland and Ireland. Tweed is woven so that it can be worn all year round. While it is warm enough to be worn in the winters, it also offers breathability and water resistance for spring and autumn days.

Tweed is a versatile fabric, which can be dyed in different shades, most commonly found in earthy tones.

Tweed blazers can be worn over types of denim for casual occasions or over chinos for a semi-casual look. For more formal occasions, a full tweed suit may do the trick. The look is much more similar to corduroy.

Cotton or Linen

When you want a suit for the hot summer months, a cotton or linen suit is the best option out there. Primarily available in lighter shades, these suits are made of natural fabric. Therefore, they are lightweight and highly breathable. While wearing a cotton suit may not be considered the most appropriate choice for workwear, a cotton or linen blazer can be paired with wool trousers for a business-casual look. You can choose to wear this suit at outdoor weddings, on holiday and during business travels. Unlike wool and tweed, however, these fabrics wrinkle easily and therefore require more ironing.

Velvet and Corduroy

Velvet and corduroy are both thicker versions of cotton. While in corduroy, The threads are pleated out, in velvet, they are weaved into an upward-facing direction, just like in a pile. Both fabrics are bulkier than cotton. They provide less breathability while providing warmth. This makes these two fabrics best suited in mild winters or on slightly chilly days.

A corduroy suit jacket can be paired with cotton pants for a relaxed look, otherwise, it can look pretty bulky. But if you want to flaunt an old-fashioned business attire or are going to a costume party dressed as Indiana Jones, a whole set works perfectly. The good part about this fabric is that it is incredibly durable.

Velvet, on the other hand, is quite delicate. Additionally, it produces a slight shine which does not work for daily wear (unless you’re an entertainer). It is best worn at black-tie events, formal gatherings or proms. A velvet jacket can also be paired with wool pants or chinos for dinner parties, cocktail events and semi-formal gatherings.


Polyester is a man-made synthetic fibre that is commonly used for off-the-rack suits because it is cheaper than natural fibres. Big brands mainly mass-produce inexpensive suits made from polyester blends (ie. polyester combined with wool, cotton or other materials). Polyester suits are generally stiffer than their wool and cotton counterparts so don’t drape as nicely over the body. They also require more care with ironing as the still needs to be maintained with care. In addition, it is much less breathable than natural fabrics. This suit works well for a lunch date, night around town or as business casuals. The good thing about polyester is that it is lightweight and durable.

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