A Walk through the Vast World of Suit Fabrics

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A dapper suit not only reflects your personal style, but it is one of the best ways to make that killer first impression. Whether you need a suit for a wedding or to build a collection for work, some thought must go into what the suit is made of as much as the suit style.

As with everything else in Melbourne, the weather is a factor. For colder months you need suit fabrics that keep you warm and in those warmer months, you need suit fabrics that maintain structure whilst still being light and breezy. Let’s take a walk through the vast world of suit fabrics and break it down:

The Versatile Wool

Did you know that wool is great in the summer too? This is a versatile suit fabric – it’s soft, wrinkle-free, breathes well AND has antibacterial qualities – which is why it’s the most popular choice for suits. Depending on the yarn, the wool is woven and made into other suit fabrics too. Worsted suit fabric is smooth and tough, making it compact and durable.  Worsted wool is spun in different combinations to get Flannel, Tweed, and Merino fabrics.

Fine Super Wools

Depending on how many times the worsted wool is twisted, you get super wool named as super 100s, 120s, 130s, and so on. Just remember the bigger the number, the finer the suit fabric. That obviously makes it more expensive too. Super wools 140s and up are quite fine and light, so best used for special occasions.

Breathable Cotton

After wool, cotton is the most preferred and popular choice for suit fabric. This fabric is also soft and breathes well, but does wrinkle more easily than wool. The affordability is a popular reason to choose this suit fabric. Cotton makes for a great relaxed aesthetic and is ideal for the Casual Friday look. Lets not forget that it is also a great ‘vegan’ option for those wanting to avoid animal products.

Summery Linen

Linen is a breathable fabric best worn in the summer or spring time. The drawback is that it wrinkles and stains easily. The wrinkles are part of the relaxed and summery aesthetic of linen making it a great choice for ouroor events and beach weddings. You won’t find it in the workplace though. Made from the flax plant, linen is also a great animal-free suit option.

Affordable Polyester

While cotton, linen, and wool are natural fabrics, polyester is a synthetic fabric. It’s usually blended with cotton, wool or other fabrics, which makes it cheaper. Polyester suits don’t breathe as well and don’t feel as nice but if you’re not looking to spend much on a suit, then a polyester-wool blend could be the way to go.

Soft Velvet

Velvet is a blend of cotton, silk, and nylon. It is a luxurious fabric, soft to touch and rich to look at. This fabric is perfect for a dinner jacket and you can wear it for all seasons too. Be mindful though that this fabric is not the best choice to wear at work or office though.

Easy Corduroy

If you think velvet is bit much for you, another seventies staple has made a comeback – corduroy. Made from cotton, this fabric is fairly easy to maintain and keep clean. Cordoray is a perfect choice for the winter and it keeps you warm however, to avoid looking dated, it must be worn right; if you’re going to wear cordoray, make sure it’s a contemporary cut and style.

Perfect Seersucker

If you were looking for a classic summer suit fabric, the seersucker is IT. This is a lightweight cotton fabric that does not require ironing! Made from cotton, this fabric first became popular when Gregory Peck wore it in the famous movie To Kill a Mockingbird in 1960. Best worn for garden parties, summer weddings, and the like, this lightweight fabric gives you comfort and style.

A bonus tip – remember that the more you wear a suit, the thinner and lighter the fabric will get. So when you choose your suit fabric, go for a heavy and sturdy one for frequent use and thinner, lighter ones for special occasions (unless you require warmth, of course).

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