A Sneak Peek into the Bespoke Process

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Bespoke suits are everywhere today! With the knowledge and resources, people have become more selective with their dressing and are willing to spend a few extra bucks to make sure that their look is perfect. While off-the-rack suits may be a quick and easy option, they can’t compare to the the neat fit and charm tailor-made suits have. Whether you have just got yourself a new job or are hitting a milestone in your existing one, a bespoke suit is the best thing you can add to your wardrobe.

What To Expect:
When the topic about bespoke suits comes up, a lot of men don’t know what to expect and what the process is really going to be like. The detailing of a bespoke suit involves taking into account the smallest of preferences. What you are looking for in a suit, where do you plan to wear it and how often you would you be wearing it, everything matters. Tailoring a bespoke suit is about crafting a garment from the body’s exact measurement, taking into account each and every part.

First Stage:
When you get into the process of ordering a bespoke suit, there is a professional cutter who takes into account all the peculiarities of your posture. It is important that this person is also the one who will be overseeing the cutting. He needs to see a picture of you in his head while he analyses the measurements and creates a pattern that would be apt for you. If necessary, he might take a photo of you in the first appointment.

Baste Stage:
The suit is then cut to your specific measurements and then hand-stitched to reach the ‘baste’ stage. This is the most important stage of a bespoke suit process. A baste is a half- made suit that is not finished but is temporarily held together with white baste stitching. It has unfinished lapels, no buttons, and no buttonholes. This is the stage when you have your first fitting. The cutter will also assess the accuracy of his measurements. Changes such as raising or lowering the button position, or narrowing or widening the lapels or shoulders can be made at this stage.

Final Stage:
This is the stage when the suit is at a more advanced stage of tailoring and is very close
to its finish. Alterations and changes made by the specialist bespoke adjustment tailor are scrutinized by the cutter, final adjustments are marked up and then carried out by the tailors.

The time and money invested in a bespoke suit require patience, but in the end, the final product makes it all worthwhile. Not only does the craftsmanship of the garment stand the test of time, but the process is carried out with such detailing that necessary adjustments can be made to it as the body changes. This ensures that you will never have to compromise on the beautiful feeling the suit gives you!

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