A (Line) to Z of Skirt Silhouettes

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Skirts are an essential of any women’s wardrobe. They are a pretty versatile piece of clothing but getting to know all the skirt silhouettes can confuse or overwhelm some ladies (and the occasionally confused bloke). Understanding the different silhouettes allows you to select the one(s) best suited for your body type:

Tight at the waist and flaring towards the bottom, like the letter ‘A’. This is one of the most versatile skirts because you can wear it any length and tailor it to look fabulous. Want to know the best part? A-line skirts suit all body types! A staple in most fashion-forward wardrobes.

Think skirts worn for a Tango. These are asymmetrical at the hem. These look great on tall women and are worn best for casual events – of places where you may be unexpectedly called upon to slide onto the floor and do the tango.

Just like the A-line, these are tight at the waist but the flare at the bottom like a bell. Bell-shaped skirts are best to work at knee length.

This mini-skirt resembles a bubble, scrunched at hem and looks great on very slim women (who want to accentuate their barely-visible hips). This skirt is best suited for parties.

Sometimes called gypsy skirts or crinkled skirt, the broomstick skirt has pleated tiers that flare out much like the bristles found on a broom. This skirt style works well for bohemian-esque casual looks.

Circular at the hem, this is tight at the waist and A-line-y at the bottom. It is a great choice for office wear when paired with silk, cotton or linen dress shirts.

This is one like the bubble skirt, except it has pleats and flairs at the hem. Pair a dirndl skirt with a lace top and a blazer for an easy-going casual Friday look.

This is essentially a long piece of cloth, skilfully stitched to give you the most slimming effect. Since this skirt is figure-hugging, it is best suited for the slimmer ones amongst us.

This one resembles the A-line and dirndl, except it doesn’t have pleats. This is a classic work wear option. If you have a petite figure then this skirt will be great for your body type.

This is an A-line skirt with the addition of triangular-shaped insets at the seam to boost the volume. If you don’t want to draw attention to your waist, then this is a great skirt choice for you ‘coz it draws attention to the hem instead.

As the name suggests, this is high at the waist and draws attention to your waist. If you heavy-busted, then the skirt is a great choice for you.

This is a casual skirt that is painstakingly layered to add volume. Fitted, tucked-in tops complement this skirt style.  Layered skirts suit all body types! Remember to accessorize to achieve a classic bohemian look.

Again, a casual skirt, it’s a flowy long skirt perfect for any season.

This tight skirt and fitted at the hem is a great choice for formal wear and work wear. A tailor-made pencil skirt ensures you look sleek and professional.

Perfect for date-nights, peplum skirts and dresses have a retro structure. With the right color, detailing and tailoring, peplum skirts are work-friendly too.

When shorts and a mini-skirt have a baby. It’s great for the summer – beach, picnics, sporting events or even a night out, when paired with right top and shoes.

The hem of this skirt looks like a tulip. A great staple for any formal or semi-formal event. If you have a curvy, pear shape or hourglass figure, then the tulip skirt is the right choice for you.

This skirt is just like a draped skirt, except the fabric is less body-hugging. This is a great choice for any body type and is suitable for the beach or casual events.

Skirts are among the most acceptable garments for any occasion – birthdays, weddings, business meetings; they work everywhere and for all seasons. With women’s bodies being all shapes and sizes, it’s often difficult to find the perfect skirt, which is why we like to get them tailored!

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