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Dressing up for a black-tie event may seem like child’s play, but can be overwhelming for many, especially if you are unfamiliar to the world of men’s formalwear. Unless the dress code states black-tie optional, there is a specific dress code you must adhere to, and that is a tuxedo or dinner jacket. Wearing a tuxedo is about paying attention to the smallest details of all its components. 

So, rather than second guessing yourself, follow this guide to learn about dress shirts that will complement your tuxedo or dinner jacket.

Get the Basics Right - Know What Shirt to Wear

While preparing your ensemble for a formal occasion, many hardly pay attention to the most critical component – the shirt. It may seem like a piece that might not get noticed much. But, quite surprisingly, it’s an essential piece that puts your entire outfit together, laying a foundation for an elegant and debonair look. 

What is a Tuxedo Shirt?

Wedding Tuxedos Shirts

You may think a tux shirt is just like your regular white shirt, but there’s much more to it. The cuffs, buttons and accessories are different from standard suit shirts.

How to Wear a Tuxedo Shirt?

Wedding Tuxedo White Shirt

The rule of thumb for any formal clothing is that it should have a perfect fit. Every component of your tuxedo must look as if it is designed just for you! Just like your tuxedo jacket and pants, the shirt too requires keen attention to detail. Since a shirt enhances your personality, it is vital to get a perfect fit (especially if your jacket is going to be coming off at the end of the night):

Get the Perfect Fit

Tuxedo Shirt Fit

The tuxedo shirt needs to hug your body effortlessly while allowing you to move comfortably. For perfect chest size, make sure the shirt looks neat and well-fitted. Ideally, the shirt should not leave a lot of fabric billowing out when you tuck it in the pants

If you aren’t able to move freely after tucking the shirt into the pants, then it is too tight. Your shirt should be as slim as possible, without it feeling like it’s about to rip. You need to be able to walk, eat and dance with ease.

Additionally, button the shirt up to your neck when you try it. Make sure you can easily insert two fingers between the collar and your neck – if you can’t, the neck is too tight. Similarly, the shirt is too large if there’s some space between the collar and neck. 

Pay attention to the cuffs to check that the shirt sleeves fit correctly. With your arms hanging down by your sides, the cuff on your sleeves should sit just slightly past the break in your wrist, a shorter sleeve length gives you an awkward look, while a longer one makes your look sloppy. 

Like other elements, the cuffs in your tuxedo shirt should be the correct width. It shouldn’t be so tight that you can’t push sleeves up or down or too loose that it droops below the wrist. If you’re getting a shirt custom made, you can get one cuff wider than the other, to accommodate your watch. 

Which Are the Best Tuxedo Shirt Colours?

Wearing a tuxedo doesn’t mean you can’t sport a personalised look. You can always add some touches to your style.

  • White Tuxedo Shirt
Tuxedo Shirt Styles Plain

Before exploring different colours for your tuxedo shirt, it must be said that white is the no-brainer, classic option. You can’t go wrong with a crisp, white shirt.

  • Coloured Tuxedo Shirt
color tuxedo shirt

After white, the second most popular colour for tuxedo shirts is black. It’s trendy and modern while making it not too formal. If you are invited to an off-beat black-tie event, you can also experiment with other shirt colours – pale pink or light blue are subtle yet different. Keep in mind that a coloured tuxedo shirt might not be the right choice if your host expects more formality.

Read about the different tuxedo shirt styles in our next blog.

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