5 Types of Wedding Venues and How to Dress for Them

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Getting married nowadays isn’t like it was a few years ago! Couples now go into a lot more detail and add more personality and individuality to weddings than they did back in the day. Some couples like to have a traditional wedding in a reception or banquet hall, whilst couples who love the outdoors may choose to get married in a garden or vineyard. Some love to have fun with the themes. In fact, in a list featuring the most unique weddings, Bridal Guide, mentioned a magical, Harry Potter themed wedding. This commenced with a ride on the Hogwarts Express and featured the ‘Sorting Hat’, the one-stop destination for guests to find their tables which were- you guessed it, houses of Hogwarts. The point is that the celebration of marriage has now evolved to feature a diverse array of themes (and venues!). As a guest to one of these special occasions, remember that specific themes demand a change in attire and dress codes. For instance, black-tie may not be the best fit for a barn wedding, and a linen suit may not be the best choice for a reception in a swanky restaurant. Here are some common wedding venues and how to dress for them:

1) Vineyard Weddings

Every wine lover’s dream come true! Unless the invitation has a specific dress code, dressing for a wedding in a vineyard allows for some flexibility depending on the finer details. For example, if the ceremony is in the day, your colour palette could include lighter shades of blue or grey. For a sundowner or a wedding with dinner to follow, opt for darker shades such as midnight blue, charcoal or navy. A nice touch (that will likely win you some points with the missus) is to match your tie or pocket square to your partner’s dress.

2) Castles, Mansions and Estates Weddings

Weddings held in mansions or castles will have that fairy-tale like vibe. The couple are likely going for romantic, charming and in some cases, a vintage look. You definitely want to suit up and be well groomed for one of these. Unless the dress code says otherwise, feel free to add a vintage looking bow tie or pocket square your suit. Lapel pins and monogrammed shirts cuffs are also great finishing touches.

3) Rustic Barn Weddings

Barn weddings are often nostalgic, rustic and earthy. To match the theme, opt for khaki or grey pants, a button-down dress shirt, a jacket or vest and an earthy tie or a bowtie. Your pants and jacket/vest don’t have to match. Shades of grey, brown, khaki and blue are popular choices. Experiment with combining these colours in a way that they complement each other. The invite should give you an indication on how casual or rustic you can dress. An unstructured suit is perfectly acceptable for this theme.

4) Restaurant / Reception Hall Weddings

If the couple getting married appreciate the finer things in life, expect an invitation to a swanky venue. Here, it’s best to strictly follow the dress code, which is likely to be a black tie. If you’re a collector of bespoke suits, this is your chance to flaunt them or have one custom-made. Again, refer to the invite’s dress code. ‘Black tie’ implies you’re expected to wear a tuxedo or dinner suit (this need not be black). ‘Black tie optional means you can wear a tuxedo or a formal suit. If you opt for a suit rather than a tuxedo, stick to black, charcoal or navy with a tie and pocket square to match.

5) Beach Weddings

Spring and summer weddings call for bright suits in lighter fabrics. Select your footwear and fabrics wisely. For shoes, make sure they’re comfortable dress shoes that can withstand a bit of wear and tear and you don’t mind getting sand on! If you’re likely to be out under the sweltering sun, be sure to go with a breathable 100% cotton shirt that won’t leave horrid sweat patches. Linen suits are our go-to for beach weddings but if the dress code is beach casual, then chinos or linen pants with a shirt will do too.

There you have it, a guide on how to dress for even the most eclectic weddings! We do recommend that when it comes to any special occasion, a tailored suit should be your first choice. Be it groom or guest, a tailor-made suit gives you ease and comfort while allowing you to embrace the theme and dress code because you’ll get to select just the right colours in just the right fabric!

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