5 Types of Shoes Every Guy Needs in His Wardrobe

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The one accessory that can truly make or break an outfit is footwear. Nothing breaks our hearts more than sights like a beautiful windowpane suit paired with canvas loafers or boat shoes, or, jeans and a sports jacket matched with technical sneakers. No matter what the occasion, your shoes must do justice to your outfit and complement it. The perfect pair won’t steal the show but will put you on a stylish pedestal. No matter what your look, as long as you have these five pairs of shoes on your rack, you can rest assured that you’ll be ready for your best mate’s wedding, a casual soiree, or drinks at the pub.

1) Brogues

The male equivalent to the LBD, these stylish dress shoes are the most versatile option for a formal affair. Smart, elegant, and slightly flamboyant, brogues go well with suits, trousers, or even as a formal addition to a laidback look. If you pick a subtle color such as beige or tan, you can even pair them with jeans.

2) Dress Boots

If you’re looking to make an impact with your outfit, then the stylish dress boot is the way to go. There are many different kinds of boots so pick wisely. Derby boots would make an excellent pair for the races, whereas Chelsea boots are your best bet if you’re wearing a suit.

3) Plain Toe Derbies

For those days when you want something in between. Plain Toe Derbies are the go-to pair if you want to keep it simple. They go best with neutral outfits that are simple. Depending on the cut and style, they can also be paired with trousers for a more business casual look. What’s great about these simple but practical shoes is their versatility. Because they are neutral in nature, they can be paired with almost anything.

4) Loafers

Who doesn’t love a pair of penny loafers? These shoes are an absolute staple in every man’s wardrobe. They strike just the right balance between work and play, which is what makes them so dynamic and functional. If your outfit is right, you can never go wrong with a pair of neutral loaders. Try them with trousers, jeans or suits, for a laidback look, or if you need to suit up, you can count on your trusted loafers to be there for you when you’re not sure about which shoes you should match with an outfit.

5) Casual Sneakers

Whether they’re high tops or your classic Stan Smiths, we are ever so grateful to these comfortable kicks that are as versatile as your average dress shoe. You can count on your traditional sneakers to help with a more business casual look (think jeans, shirts, shirt and sports jacket)! Sneakers are great because they can complement almost anything – from basketball shorts to a suit, it doesn’t get any more versatile than that!

We know that you put in so much effort into grooming ourselves and putting together stylish outfits. Know that footwear is a huge part of your look. If you go wrong with your footwear, you will be drawing attention to that one fatal flaw instead of the rest of you. That’s why, no matter who you are or what you do, as long as you invest in these five pairs of shoes you can always step forth with confidence.

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