5 Things to Avoid When Buying Your Wedding Suit

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Are you wondering what suit to get on your wedding day? Something unique, something hired or just off the rack? Just how much should you spend? Getting the suit could be the most exciting part of the wedding for the groom, but ignore a few basics and you could run into rough weather. If you’re homing in on getting a ripper suit, then avoid these wedding suit mistakes like the plague.

Keeping it Traditional, Just!

Weddings are serious, we get that, but they are also a celebration, so feel free to incorporate some individuality in your wedding suit. A classic tuxedo is certainly an easy choice but you don’t have to be a slave to tradition; you can modernize it in so many tasteful ways. You could go for a patterned or textured fabric instead of a solid, or a combination of both! If you are keen on sticking with a traditional black suit, you could just introduce a subtle pattern in the lapel.

Waiting until the last minute to buy a suit

Your bride may be at it for six months finding that perfect wedding gown and working her way through the long list of things to do before the wedding. That’s normal. As the groom, your to-do list may be a lot shorter, but don’t be fooled into thinking you can scramble at the last minute and find that ripper wedding suit. There’s Buckley’s chance you’ll get the right wedding suit in the nick of time – not unless you are this big celebrity with famous fashion designers working overnight for you. It may not take six months, but you should give yourself at least three months to do your research, know your options and get a well-fitted suit for your big day.

Accessories – Too Little or Too Much

You (well, the bride) will most likely have a colour palette for the wedding. Be careful when accessorizing to fit the theme; don’t feel like you have to perfectly match the décor. It’s more important to pick colour that looks good on you. Another grave mistake you can with your wedding suit is to wear a matching tie and pocket square. The pocket square is a classic move by groomsmen everywhere. You want to look suave, not tacky. You want to add personal style and stand out, make sure your accessories complement each other, not match.

Neglecting the Fit

Maybe you just want to rent a suit because you don’t plan to much use for it in the near future. Or you waited the last minute and found a suit online. Maybe you got a fantastic off-the-rack suit at mate’s rate and it nearly fits you. On either of the instances, it may not be the best suit for your wedding day. Don’t settle for your big day. If you manage to get a suit that fits you pretty well, take it to your tailor to make the adjustments to make it fit better. The photographs and memories will be ones you’ll cherish for years to come so you want to make sure they’re great! Your tailor can take in or let out the waist, bring your pants to the right length and adjust the jacket sleeve too. Or better yet – get a suit tailored for you!

Bonus Tips! Post-Wedding Ideas for your Suit

Get more mileage from your wedding suit with these tips:

  • Use your jacket as a blazer.
  • Pair your vest with slim-cut jeans, white V-neck, and sneakers for a casual look.
  • Without the vest, turn your wedding suit into a regular for work or business meetings.

You will be standing next to your beautiful bride nearly the whole time on your wedding day. You want to look just as good as she does so get a suit that feels right and fits perfectly.

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