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Gin, the foundation of many cocktails and a true gentleman’s neat liquor of choice. Much like a gentleman needs to know his whisky, he also needs to be a true gin connoisseur, not only to enhance his mixology skills, but also to have the perfect classy drink by his side for those upscale gatherings and meaningful conversations.

Remember, it’s not just the suit you wear or the accessories you rock that are going to portray your personality to the people around you; it’s also the drink you carry in your hand that can mean the difference between being regarded as a mere boy, or a true gentleman. Here are the five best gins every gentleman should try.

Marconi 46 Gin

Hailing from the Veneto region in the north of Italy, this Mediterranean work of art is distilled from an infusion of various herbs and plants such as Muscat grapes, Mountain Pine, Cembra Pine, Cardamom and Coriander, and of course, Juniper berries. In case you were to find yourself in a situation where you are supposed to analyze its aroma and flavor, it’s fresh and balmy with an intense scent of juniper.

The taste is elegantly accented with cardamom and coriander, but the drink carries a silky touch as well due to the Muscat grapes. The alcohol content is 46%/Vol – 700ml. You can use it as a foundation for any classic cocktail or drink it straight up.

Beefeater London Dry Gin

A veteran in the gin universe, this one has been around since 1863, and is the only London gin still produced in London. The workhorse of the lot, Beefeater London Dry gin is characterized by its strong, zesty flavor, and it packs quite a punch. An excellent drink for any cocktail, especially the good old gin and tonic.

Plenty of botanicals go into the infusion process of this fine and timeless spirit such as Juniper berries, Lemon peel, Coriander, Almond, Seville orange peel, Orris root, Licorice root, Angelica root, and Angelica seed. The unique combination of aromas makes the London Dry an amazing affordable option.

Archie Rose Gin

One of the most popular gins in Australia that’s hastily making its way to the top echelon of world-renowned spirits, is the Archie Rose Gin. Winning several prizes for their Signature Dry Gin and their unique Distiller’s Strength Gin, Archie rose spirits are infused with native Australian botanicals Blood Lime, Dorrigo Pepper leaf, Lemon Myrtle and River Mint.

Bear in mind, these spirits are meant for educated drinking. Their unique aromas and flavors make them excellent neat drinks, however the Signature Dry works best as a foundation in cocktails. Leave the Strength Gin for those moments when you want to impress everyone around you.

Pruna Gin

It might say Serbian on the label, but this unique spirit is all about exotic tastes and oriental ingredients. With its botanicals including juniper and lime, it’s no wonder the aroma of this spirit is distinctly elegant, adventurous, and exotic.

Pruna Gin will definitely bring an exciting touch to your cocktails, although it might sometimes be quite different from what you were hoping for. Do mix carefully. Otherwise, it’s an excellent neat drink for those who can handle a non-standard gin flavor.

Plymouth Gin

Plymouth gin is another traditional brand loved by sailors and gentlemen alike. Its elegant tasting notes made possible by infusing Juniper, Coriander, Orange and Lemon peels, Green Cardamom, Angelica root, and Orris root perfectly complement each other in creating an extremely smooth, full-bodied palate with a hint of sweetness.

This one is best served with tonic water and a fresh slice of lime, although this veteran gin can play wonderfully with your taste buds all on its own. Opt for their Sloe gin if you like more fruity tastes and finishes.

Gin is a gentleman’s spirit of choice. No matter if you’re at a cocktail party, a formal gathering, or a wild night out with your friends, there is nothing that speaks elegance, personality, and class like a good, strong glass of gin.

Peter is a men’s fashion writer at OffTheMRKT magazine, living between Europe and Australia. Beside writing he worked as a menswear stylist for many fashion events around Europe. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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