4 Suits that are Imperative to Any Man’s Wardrobe

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“If you wear a suit, you can talk to anybody.” – Lewis H Lapham

Time and again, the importance of dressing well has been stressed upon. Be it for the impression it sets on people or the way it makes you feel, a sartorial closet can do wonders.

One such item of clothing for men suits. These make any man appear smart and attractive. Moreover, apart from bestowing good looks, it also signifies seriousness, discipline, chivalry.

While a lot of men today prefer a more casual style, there are a few suits that are imperative to any male’s garment collection. Even if one does not necessarily wear these every day, they are gems that will be of much use someday.

Here are the essentials every man should own:

1. Basic Navy Two-Button

If you are buying suits for the very first time, chances are it will be a Navy two-buttoned piece with a notch lapel. Being the most basic suit, it truly is a wardrobe staple for any man. This suit is for men what a black dress is for women. The most exquisite detail about a Navy suit is that it looks good on everybody. It exudes a minimalistic timelessness and one can never go wrong with it.

While this suit is essentially associated with business meetings and other formal events, it is easy to dress it up or down. For a more semi-casual look, you can wear your Navy suit blazer with a formal shirt and a pair of black jeans or you can ditch the tie and wear a formal shirt with the pair intact. For a formal look, on the other hand, just wear Navy trousers and a jacket with a smart shirt, leather shoes and a tie. If you want to carry it off at a wedding, pair it with a colorful pocket square, a tie that pops and a vest in case of a winter function. Also, remember to choose a medium-weight wool fabric for this ageless piece in order to be able to wear it all through the year.

2. Classic Gray All-rounder

A Navy suit may be a tad unsuitable for the warmer months owing to its dark color. Therefore, if you don’t wish to invest in a separate summer suit, a grey suit is the perfect addition to your apparel reservoir. The biggest advantage it provides to a wearer is that it can be worn all year round, no matter the season. The middle tones are neither too dark for summers, nor too light for winters. In warmer climate cities, you might want to consider choosing a half-lined jacket that can be worn comfortably throughout the year without breaking a sweat.

The second most preferred variety, a grey suit can be worn with a contrasting turtleneck and boots for a fashion-forward fall look. For summers, it can be paired with comfortable and airy linen shirts, light-colored ties and loafers. It is also easier to make this suit feel more casual than the conservative Navy. A grey suit can be worn on any occasion, any time of the year, making it the perfect versatile wardrobe addition.

3. Suave Dark Double Breasted

While some may argue that a double-breasted suit is a little too elaborate to be a closet essential, it actually is a piece that will stand out from the rest of your suits. The dark black, midnight blue and other dark hues, as well as the double-breasted button style, add a little charisma and an interesting twist when compared to your regular work suits.

While the Navy and Grey ensembles are either too basic or too formal, a black double-breasted suit will be apt for times when you don’t wish to look like you have dropped in straight from work. For dates, social gatherings, in-between events that aren’t too formal or too casual, this suit serves as the ultimate charmer. The one thing that makes it a mandate for all males is that it makes you seem subtly powerful but not too businessy and low-key classy without seeming like a fop.

4. Fancy Dinner Suit

We all know that unless we are royalty or very wealthy, there will be few black tie events in our lives. Although, being prepared for such events is always better than regretting later on. This is where the role of a dinner suit or tuxedo is emphasized.

While expensive, owning a well-fitted dinner suit can make you look and feel special. Therefore, it is a much better idea to include it permanently in your wardrobe rather than hiring an ill-fitted one that makes you look unkempt or turning up in a literal black suit with a black tie.

For occasions such as marriages, company award functions, a sophisticated dinner event and such, this tailored dinner suit will help carry yourself in the best manner possible. Besides, the jacket can even be worn over jeans and a T-shirt at parties or a night out.

These four suits are a must-have for any man. Without this, your wardrobe is incomplete.

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