3 Signs Your Suit Jacket Doesn’t Fit Right

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Every fashion enthusiast will tell you it’s better to pay the extra bucks to get a suit tailored to fit you perfectly, rather than buying a discounted or budget-friendly ready-made suit. The poor fit and low-quality fabrics can make you look slouchy and unkempt which can be damaging to your personal and professional image.

Investing in your wardrobe goes a long way when interviewing for a new position or meeting up with influential leaders in your industry. Clothing and appearance speak for us way before we can interact with anybody. 

If you think you are attracting attention for all the wrong reasons, here are three signs your suit isn’t fitting you right.

Sleeves are Too Long or Falling Short

Length is a crucial element when it comes to dressing. The sleeves of your jacket should sit just below your wrist, with about a quarter inch of shirt cuff visible. If the sleeves are too short, they will expose your shirt and wrist, making you look unprofessional. If the sleeves are too long, they will bunch up and look sloppy.

Your Jacket’s Shoulders are Too Tight on Your Body

The shoulder seams of your jacket should sit comfortably on your shoulders, without sliding down or bunching up. If the jacket’s shoulders are extended beyond your shoulder or tightly hug your shoulders, your suit has fitting issues.

Your Waistband and Shirt are Exposed

Although the ideal length of a jacket has been in constant debate over the years, right now, however, the trend has been edging towards shorter jackets. Still, a jacket that exposes your waistband and shirt are a no! Jacket length hitting just below the hips gives you a clean, modern look.

Your dress sense and suit speak a lot about your personality and attitude at a glance. Investing in a well-tailored wardrobe is an investment towards a successful future and helps to create great impressions everywhere you go.

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