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These cold winter nights are just the weather for a whisky that warms the heart. Famous men such as Abraham Lincoln and Mark Twain are rumoured to have enjoyed a glass of whisky at the end of every day. But whisky is not just for the well-suited Mad Men, the ladies and young people love their elixir too. So, no whisky isn’t an old man’s drink – far from it. Here we’ve got a list of our favourite whiskeys. If you haven’t already, you have to try them (not all of them will burn a hole in your wallet).

Nikka Taketsuru 21-Year-old ($$$$$)

This whisky won the best whisky in the WORLD award in 2010. It is rich, with a hint of chocolate and coffee. Before you taste it, you taste the distilled drink with your nose and will get subtle notes of oak, cocoa, espresso, and anise.

A. D. Laws Secale Straight Rye Whisky ($$$)

This one is aged for over four years and has a very limited release. Although it’s made from 96 percent rye, the aroma you get first is like sweet freshly mowed lawn with a hint of caramel flavor. It’s extremely smooth.

Glenmorangie 18 year ($$$$)

This Highland whisky is medium bodied which has a sweet and zesty aroma. It has medium sweetness from the honey and toffee flavors. The malt, lemon and apricot characters are gently warming. You absolutely have to try this taste of the home of the fine whiskeys!

Johnnie Walker Blue Label ($$$$$)

It is one of the finest premium blends, which is made of grain and malt. It has floral notes and a touch of spice. It is best served neat for a rich, deep and multi-layered experience.

John J. Bowman Single Barrel Bourbon ($$$)

The first aroma you get is earthy and then the next moment it’s the aroma of deep spices. Best served on ice, the intensity of the flavour is mellowed down so you can enjoy the sweetness with a long finish.

Kavalan Solist Sherry Cask Matured ($$)

A whisky from Taiwan, bottled without artificial colouring or chill filtration. This one has beautiful deep ruby brown colour to it, and the nose is just as alluring – a citrusy, floral aroma is hinted with notes of chocolate and butterscotch too. This whisky is complex and rich.

Mackmyra Moment Gold Single Malt Whisky ($$$)

A vintage whisky, it has a complex aroma of toffee, peach, cinnamon, something as a cognac would be like. When you taste it, your palate is flooded with gentle wood spices and a fruit salad at the same time.

Talisker 18-Year-Old Scotch Whisky ($$$)

This whisky won the title of the best whisky in the WORLD in the year 2007. The aroma is clean and you will taste a fruity sweetness, albeit, with a spicy character. The drink is rich and full-bodied so drink it on the rocks.

Yamazaki Whisky ($$$)

There seems to be a whisky movement sweeping Japan, and we are certainly not complaining. This single malt is from Suntory in Japan. This whisky is filled with berry notes, and subtle oak notes, the best you will ever try. It is known for its vanilla and short, sharp cinnamon finish.

Chivas Regal 12-Year-Old ($)

Many have sung songs of praise for this blended scotch whisky. It has a signature woodiness and fruity flavours with a hint of spices. It is light on your palate, at first and has a peppery finish.

All that reading must have made you thirsty – so go ahead and get yourself a glass. Let us know what your favourite whiskies are!

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